V11 Le Mans fuel tank won't fit??!!

After a major rebuild of my V11 I have come to the last major item to fit back onto the bike. The tank slides on nicely but just wont sit forward enough to line up with rear fixing point. It’s about 1/8 inch out.
I’ve tried it with the top of the air box off - no difference.
I’ve moved the fuel filter back and forth (this was never removed as part of the rebuild so I couldn’t see this as the problem) and no difference.
I’ve tapped the base of the airbox with a rubber persuader to encourage it to sit forward - no difference.
This is now driving me mad and the wife’s complaining about my swearing.
I’m so close but cannot believe 1/8 inch is stopping me getting it back on the road.
Any ideas?

Could be the fuel you had in it. There are stories of these plastic tanks swelling slightly due to the presence of ethanol in the petrol.

Apparently if you leave them empty and vented over a period of time they can go back into shape.

top tip if it works.
The locator sleeve is in a rubber shroud on the V7Classic, helps to ‘persuade’ the bolt home.
Use blends with minimum wood alcohol.


I read it here:


Common problem with centauro’s , I used some silicone grease around the fittings and a bit of brute force, (centauro)

HI all, many thanks for the replies.
I would have never guessed that the tank had swollen. It has sat over the winter approx. half full. I’ll drain it off and leave it for a day or two. Got MOT booked for Friday so up against a deadline now.
Tank now drained and sitting in the sun with the filler cap open. We’ll see how she goes when I get back from work this evening. Fingers crossed.

It’s certainly shrunk. Only a gnats c**k in it now. Will leave it for another day with the filler cap open and hope she gets back to original. This really is bizarre.stecad2014-06-25 22:01:12

Incredible but true!

Only an 1/8th of an inch ? My Centauro tank stretches easily twice that much ! :slight_smile:)Use a ratchet strap right around the forks and wind the b****r up !

My Scura and LOADS of others suffered the same. I emptied it and left it for a week then all was well again. I believe nearly all plastic tanks do it.

wait long enough and the ethanol wil burn right thru the tank…honestly!! BIG BIG issue worldwide and will get worse as gov insists on ‘greener fuels’ ie MORE ethanol content…Id luve to shove ethanol damaged tanks right where the sun never shines on those responsible for this ill advised legislation…GRRRRR

oh, U may also notice the tank expanding at the front so on full lock the forks hit the tank…

Think I read somewhere that Shells’ VPower has little or none of that poop added ??

Update - still not shrunk back enough but the summer’s here so had to find an alternative solution. Two large cable ties and hey presto. Passed MOT so will leave it like this until I put her away for the winter when i’ll drain the tank. Can’t quite get the rear fairing to line up properly because of the size increase so cable ties here also. Bit of a pain but need to be riding.

Guzzi of course no longer supply V11 tanks…

Just refitted the centauro tank thisafternoon, used Dave’s ratchet strap trick no drama, it’s only been off for a few days, (full of shell v power).
(Full bolt hole stretch)

No other way really is there . You can’t go levering off the battery 'cos somethings gonna break ! Just a bit of a faff getting the strap to stay in place . I use a 2" wide ‘endless’ type such as you get from a decent woodworking tool supplier.