Can any of you cast light on to why my Guzzi’s gear lever has stuck in first gear and won’t budge?

Happened just as I was going up the ramp for the Rotterdam Ferry.

Oh how I laughed !!

The clutch appears fine, no drag etc so I don’t think that is the problem.

Any ideas would be much appreciated and any contact details for Bruce Rawsthorne who I am told would be able to sort out the fault.


Nigel. :laughing:

Likely to be gearbox return spring snapped easy to repair yourself take a look at the V11 Le Mans forum.

Yep, likely the PAWL arm spring. Easy fix.
Off with the starter motor. Easy the rear suspension res out the way. Off with the gear link, drop the oil and off with the inspection hatch. The spring is on the back of the inpection hatch. On reassembly ensure the hatch cam position matches the gear the bikes in.

Where you at mate?

Just worked out you ain’t so far (assuming you are home) if you want a hand.

Silly question time, have you tried pulling it up? If will move up and down but won’t centre by itself then yes return spring is broke, if can’t move pedal at all, then is something else.

When my spring broke I could still change gear but had to centre the pedal “manually” every time.

That was probably the return spring not the pawl arm spring.

Oh gotcha, yes.

Hi Guys,

Many thanks for all the good advice.
Cabernet many thanks for your offer of help.
More by luck than skill I managed to get the gearbox side plate off without breaking anything and found the gearbox ratchet return spring snapped off in the usual place and surprisingly unwound.
As a precautionary measure I have replaced all three springs in the selector mechanism courtesy of Gutsibits and with a quick shove on the rear wheel to take the stress out of the gears the lower left hand selector became free and moving it across bingo it went straight into neutral making it a piece of cake to put the side plate back on with the selector gears engaged.
Buying an ABBA stand some time ago has proved a blessing.
The gearbox is now working perfectly although on a 150 mile test run today the neutral light has started flickering and is now on all the time.
Maybe just a loose connection or the switch has given up having been disturbed but what struck me with this surgery is that the circlips holding the gear selector cogs on are a loose fit even thought they have been replaced with the same size that came off.
I hope one of these has not come off allowing the selector gear to lift and activate the neutral switch.
I will look at the more obvious remedies before opening the gearbox again but at least it wont take me as long next time now I know how it all goes together.
Fingers crossed.
What a great forum this is.
Thanks again,

Pleased to have helped, although only passing on what has been passed to me in times of need. I will be taking some gasket goo and a set of springs to Austria with me in September. One never knows when or where they will go, so prepared to do it at the road side.

I appreciate this thread is now 2 yrs old but guess what happened to me today - Trying to resolve my manifold issue, took the bike out for a test and the gear level will not center. Looks like I need a return spring!! :angry:
Thanks for the advice albeit 2 years old.
Rgds. Noel

Thank you for posting Noel.
I got a strange sense of satisfaction from hearing of your appreciation.

Due to the excellent service from Gutisbits [yet again!] a new return spring just landed on my desk today!! :smiley:
Guess what I’m doing this weekend!!
Rgds. Noel