V11 Le Mans paddock stand

I’m looking for the best way to get the rear wheel off the ground to enable a bit of maintenance… I was advise Abba paddock stand but my information is that they don’t make one that works with the V11 any more. Anyone got one at the back of the garage for sale - or any top tips on alternatives?

I use a paddock stand which hooks into the bolts at the bottom of the pork chops. They used to be easy to buy, try gutsibits or stein dinse

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See what Becker Technic have to offer, think they are in Germany, Google will find them

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Tried Gutsi bits without luck - one of the guys there said he had one in his own garage that I could have, but the trail has gone cold. Stein Dinse I hadn’t heard of … I will research

Thanks for this - I will add them to my research list!

I have a paddock stand that I bought for my 1100 Sport , it is Abba I think. It cradles the ends of the swinging arm, but I used to support the swinging arm further away from the rear wheel because of the diff. You are welcome to try it out, I do not use it now as my bikes all have a center stand. I am in Essex, if you would like my address I will send it via PM

Best wishes Chris

Chris, sorry for such a slow reply - thanks for your help… I live in Scotland so it might be a while before I’m down your way, but thanks for the offer. I’m glad the bike does not have a centre stand actually, I would give myself a hernia!
Cheers, Paul

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Hi Chris, do you still have this stand? I am picking up an 06 v1100 tomorrow.

I live in Chelmsford so should not be that far from you.

Sorry I no longer have it.