V11 LeMans Headlight

Hi all, I’m new here, having only had my Guzzi for a month or so!
Anyway, when the V5 came back it says the bike was “Registered/used overseas”. This explains why the clocks are in KPH (so it has actually only done 10,000 miles) and why the headlight dips the wrong way - my question is is there an easy way to fix this?
I know it’s not a huge problem, just that the MOT chaps have wound the beam down so I can see the road IMMEDIATELY in front now :confused:
Thanks, Andy.

This doesn’t make sense as modern bikes headlights focus straight ahead and you should have a screw on the front side of the bike to adjust left or right pointing beam.

I was under the impression that headlights were ‘sided’. The standard unit on the Le Mans is diabolical anyway - might be worth looking for an alternative…

Welcome, BTW!

I put a 100/80 H4 bulb in my V11 and it improved things no end.

Thanks for the responses chaps, probably didn’t explain myself too well first time in! My headlight is set straight ahead, but the dip beam is a euro pattern one; this lights up the faces of on-coming drivers and leaves the hedge on my side of the road in darkness. This was not too much of a problem till yesterday, when I pulled out the original bulb and put in a nice bright one, so now I can what is going on :wink: .
Option one is to plaster black sticky tape over the lens till I stop annoying on-coming traffic :cry: , and
Option two involves sourcing a UK spec replacement :sunglasses: .
Any good ideas for #2?

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I think the Wipac sealed beam replacement if still available will fit.

That rings a bell, I think I may have one of those in the back of the workshop somewhere! I guess it’s black sticky tape for now, till I find it.

think uk spec ones are avaiable from a compay sure its something like black cat jaguar they list them for bond bugs i had one the other year only fifferance no piolet bulb but you can tack bulb off and its fine