V11 Rear Shock

Can anyone help - I had to replace the White Power rear shock on my V11 Ballabio in the summer and decided to get it re-conditioned to keep as a spare. I’m having difficulty sourcing a seal kit for the shock - possibly because it’s a special MG spec.
Any ideas??

Yes … Indeed… I sent a “WP” rear shock from a V10 to Maxton’s for a rebuild . They said ; Dunno what this is but we’re reluctant to take it apart in case we don’t have bits for it !! If they couldn’t make out what it was there’s not much chance anyone else will.Just put it under the bench and forget it

A standard V11 Ballabio shock should be made by Sachs not WP?

You can tell if it’s a Sachs by whether the oil is running out of it

Guzzi will; use whatever is available, I think I remember hagons doing a rebuildable one!