V11 Scura - Replacing idiot light bulbs

Hi all,

Why is it always the simplest jobs that cause the problems…?

I’m trying to replace the highbeam dash light [the blue warning light].
The service manual says ‘Detach the resetting pin “A”’. I’m assuming it’s a push fit as turning it only resets the trip to zero! I’ve tried pulling to the point where the speedo moves in it’s housing but the ‘pin’ isn’t going anywhere. Either I’ve missed a step or a previous owner has super-glued, welded then bolted the pin to the speedo.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Thanks, Noel

Turning it t’other way maybe…

if it’s the white faced Veglia the reset knob is a left hand thread, turn it sharply clockwise and it should screw off

Hi GK, I tried both directions but no luck.
Hi SS, Many thanks - have now removed the resetting pin! Why do left hand treads always catch me out? In messing with the dash, the high beam bulb has decided to start working again! It must be a poor connection rather than a blown bulb but thats tomorrows problem.
Thanks again to all,  Noel  :smiley:

If ever I get a bike with the T style idiot light cluster the first thing I do is throw away the lamp holders and replace them with LEDs glued in place.
These are AC lamps so polarity is not an issue,
If you have a thermistor type low level sensor wire one of the old incandescent lamps in parallel to act as a load resistor.

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