V11 Scura Starter relay

Hi all, I need to replace the starter relay [not solenoid] on my '02 V11 Scura.
Can anyone pls advise manufacturer/part # of a replacement relay?

Many thanks in advance, Noel

Never used them myself, but Pyro Dan in the States is reckoned to be the best for Guzzi relays. Have a look here
And read this…

Hi Don,
Thanks for the info. I’ll check it out at the weekend & let you know how I gewt on.
Rgds. Noel

Apparently the replacement part is a TE [previously Tyco Electronics] automotive relay part #: V23074A1002A403. These can be purchased on-line via Farnell for £7:14 inc VAT each.
Rgds. Noel

Don’t the Scura repeat the Tonti and Carc starter problem of Moto-Guzzi using coloured vermicelli for wiring to a solenoid that draws 30a surge then 10a constant? Or is there one big block they wired properly in 40 years?

If it is the same until you get a bigger 12v wire to the relay and on to the starter it will always be a problem