V11 Speedo

I took the speedo off the dashboard a while ago, and when I reconnected the cable, it didn’t work.I checked the cable - it isn’t broken, I put the speedo on an electric drill attached to the crank case end of the cable and it worked OK, so it must be something to do with the 45 degree drive from the crank case. This is, however, inaccessible as the throttle body linkage gets in the way so I can’t lift it out.I can’t believe that I have to dismount the injector to check this, or should I…?I don’t like driving round without a speedo and besides, the MOT is due next month, so I have to get it fixed.

first check the cable inner is not brokedid then just push it gently back to make sure the end has not pulled out a bit, up to date never had to swap the V11 speedo, at one time, a while ago there were a few dodgy V1000 speedo cables I was replacing it every year then got one that just lasted 4-5 years. Wierd,

One thing you can do to keep the speedo cable good is examine the outer and repair any cracks, nicks or breake with either self amalgamating tape ot shrink wrap tip put silicone in the top/bottom edge it seals it.

Then I use 3:1 oil down it every year or more when it has been very wet or IF you have one with the inned lined in PTFE there is a grease specifically for it that does not cause the ptfe to swell

I Have to bite the bullet and take the speedo and tach apart as the orange needles on mine have faded and are almost white like the speedo face…not good.

If push come, I have recently changed out my clocks for a digital set. The Speedo still works on my old set, but the odometer is goosed. But it may tide you over for a bit.

Cheers guys. The cable is definitely OK as I connected a drill at the drive end and got 40mph at least! I suspect that the angled drive is at fault, and needs sorting but I can’t get it off to inspect it. Any known problems?Welshguzzi2014-03-02 18:15:17

This may be what happened on my last V11 with the angled drive, there is a brass piece that had drifted out of the black plastic bit and it stopped transmitting the drive through, I just pressed it back in and it was ok, you should be able to remove the angle drive without touching the TB

Yes! Tried again this evening and it popped out. Suspect I had the same problem. Will go for a spin tomorrow evening to see if it works.

The word is - no more speedo gearboxes coming out of Mandello :frowning:(

Fit a Tescos push bike electronic one for the MOT or, better still a motogadget unit if you are feeling flush.
I got fed up farting about with the one on my Sportie and went electronic. No more cables, angle drives, fading needles, plasticine funnels, 3 in 1 oil and chewed knuckles or broken expensive rubber mountings.
A dreadful layout and implementation over which Luigi deserves to meet with Alan Pardew.Mad Farquhar2014-03-04 21:22:55

How do you convert the mechanical drive to a digital signal?

On me green un works off a disc bolt which is taller than the others…

I see. So how do you calibrate it? Nobody’s’ come up with a way to utilise the original speedo drive then? That would be neat

Three components; a unit to calc / display the speed and other stuff, a pick up to measure the time the wheel turns, and a magnet as Kate says which can be mounted on the disc. Mine is glued on to the head of a disc bolt. The pick up (mounted to catch the magnet passing) on the fork can be wired or wireless to the speedo unit. Motogadget provides a list of tyre sizes and makes which results in a number you input to give distance per revolution. The time obviously is used for calculating speed. Its more accurate than the original having checked with a GPS. Sorry if this is a bit higgleteepiggle. Wee problem with editing.Mad Farquhar2014-03-04 22:28:19

For a bike speedo it uses a magnet and pickup located usually on the front wheel

Once that is done to set it you need to

Measure the diameter of the whole wheel inc tyre in mm

Dia x3.14 will give you a number this you input to the computer which is set to MPH, these can be reset easily to kph by the way


Sigma work best a bit more dosh BUT no where near as much as a replacement Veg LIAR or indeed a speeding fine.

When I found my V1000 org speedo was over 10& out then a replacement one even worse i eventually did find one that was within the 10% but the sigma is far more accurate

I checked mine against the sat nav on console setting and it is spot on accurate far better than the standard speedo I think these are a worthwhile addition to any bike easy to fit and easy to sort.

You also get a clock and milometer as well as other functions.

For the V1000 with 18 wheel and 100/90/18 tyre the number to put in is

I measured the rim plus tyre to 610mm/24"
IF the bike speedo is stuck on Kms (some do) that is reduced to 1189

Alot more accurate than the Veglia speedo and easy to see.
guzzibear2014-03-11 11:40:22

I think the little plastic housing over the sngled drive was out ofplace. All fine now :slight_smile: