v11 sport le mans oil light

problem is that oil light comes on and stays on as engine warms up, oil level ok does anybody have a clue where I should start don’t have a guzzi dealer nearer than 55 miles(Aand D denbigh)

Start with the oil pressure switch/switch wiring, you might get lucky.
 (I’ve lost count of how many that’s failed on my guzzi’s)

Yes probably just the switch has gone faulty, mine did the same thing.

Thanks for that I will try that first

To test, short the wire against the case and the light should light.
If that is the case it almost certainly needs replacing.
This is a case of OE is best, certainly a lot better than Intermoter, unless they have massively improved.

Thanks again everyone have finally got round to fitting new oil pressure switch and as everybody said that was the problem

cheers everybody Ken