V11 sport major maintanance

Hi. Ive been off the road for 12 months . Ive been doing a major ovehaull of my v11 sport injection. It started of as a gear

return spring. & ended up , bevell box overhaul, gearbox overhaul, engine overhaull. All oil seals , " o" rings & gaskets replaced plus a couple of bearings. Oh! New clutch friction plates
. & i thought as ive gone this far, I’d put new big end bearings as others were a bit loose.
Unfortunately, i broke an oil scraper ring & have been trying to sourse just 1 ring . Having little sucess so far. One company in Holand tried to rip mr off with a €25 p&,p As I’d only payed €13 p&p for clutch plates from Germany , i queried it then no further contact from them. Just as well.
I will let you know how i get on. As im sure this could be of help to others in similar situations.

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Have you been on the V11 LeMans forum? Very resourceful bunch?

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How have you got your reaction arm bushes?