V11 Sport Rosso Mandello starting issues

Help !!! So background info the bike is a 2001 V11 Sport Rosso Mandello, standard with the exception that the sidestand switch has been removed and the main fuse has been bypassed. The bike has run, last year, before some restoration work on the swinging arm over the winter. Battery is fully charged and all the electrics are working.

The issue is that when I attempt to start the bike I can hear the relays engage and the fuel pump prime, but when I press the starter button, the solenoid does not engage and the motor does not spin.

Using a voltmeter I am measuring 12V volts at the connector to the spade terminal on the starter motor.

If I connect the positive terminal of the battery directly to the spade terminal the solenoid engages.

I have tried swapping starter motors and the result is the same.

I have checked the original starter motor off the bike and it works as it should.

I am now at the limit of my electrical knowledge so any advise would be most gratefully received.

it worth checking you have a good earth from the frame to the engine

I am guessing tarnished contacts due to being stood a long time. Try new relays? I have had issue in the past with corroded relay plug-in terminals. Relay works fine but the terminals are bu55ered.

When you got the 12V at the starter connector, was the connector also on the starter terminal, or unplugged?

Sounds like the usual click - no crank issue.
The power that has to operate the stater solenoid goes from the battery through various connectors, through the ignition switch and then all the way back to the starter relay. By the time it has done all that and each slightly furry connection has taken its toll, plus the usual slightly dodgy connections within an old ignition switch, there is nothing left to operate the solenoid, hence the faint click from the relay.
Not sure how you do it on the newer models, (Mine are older Tonti type) but Google Guzzi Click no crank and you will get plenty of advise on which wire to connect to what.


Thanks for your input - it was dodgy starter relay in the end - I know what to check first next time !!!

Sounds familiar, I renewed all the relays and fuses last year which seems to have laid a few electrical gremlins to rest for a while (touch wood) :confused: