V11 Sport yr 2000 - Battery size !!

My original battery has lasted 15 yrs!!

However I’m struggling to find a correct size replacement,( after being sent the wrong size battery), a search of the internet has not helped.

I need - length 175mm, width 82mm and height 130mm.

the incorrect battery sent to me was 90mm wide and prevented me fitting the seat so this is a critical dimension, as is the height.

What batteries are you guys using?


Try TanyaUK.

I Have a odyssey pc545 fitted to my V11.

Just got that which Gutsibits sent me.
Might be an Odessy too.
Left the bike for 3 months.
Fired up on the button, rode it to the MOT station and back in Feb.
Left it until June.
On the button and off I went all summer.
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From searching all battery options (yuasa / Odessey / Motobatt etc) they are all wider (87mm)than the original Spark 500e @ 82mm (which apparently is an Odessey) by 5mm.

This 5mm results in the seat touching the battery - you can check clearance by putting a bit of ‘blu-tac’ on the battery corners and refitting the seat, I could just about squeeze the seat back on if i removed the battery tray or raised the seat on a spacer, but still the clearance was too tight for comfort.

I’ve found a smaller battery that is 70mm wide, that’s fitted to Ducati 1198’s which should give me good clearance.Â

Has no one else had this problem with the V11 battery!!! would suggest you all check battery clearance with the seat if youv’e used a replacement battery.

I got my V11 modified/rebuilt by Ghezzi Brian in Italy. He fitted a Lithium Iron BC battery. So far I’ve had 18months trouble free and it saves a lot of weight.

Interesting the original battery on a V11 lasting so long, I pretty sure they made by Oddesy, I had three on my V11 now and they all last around 6yrs so for me its an Oddesy every time.

So reliable…rarely been too flat to start the bike.

Just checked mine - It touches :frowning:
OK then, Lithium battery assessment:-

  • Size
    Cranking power
    Service life?


  • Initial cost

Anything I’ve missed?