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hi All
this is related to the kenparry thread…intermitent starting problem…have the same problem will start sometimes…been like this two days now…discovered this evening that it will start when the bars are turned fully to the right…any one have a specific fix for this rather then guess work
don’t want to remove the tank and start looking about if its some thing simple that can be rectified

Do the ignition lights come and stay on, if not broken wires in keyswitch which can be repaired or you can get a pattern switch or secondhand one used on Aprilia models such as rs50/125. Alteratively the wiring connectors at the headstock , slide tank back disconnect connectors and clean with electrical contact cleaner.

will try all the info you have given…will let you know how i get on.

It’s all on the v11 forum. Still no luck with access?

HaydnR2014-09-24 20:33:31

no…never got on the v11 forum…would be easier get into the pentagon sites
gave up on it…

swap some relays around,

update…bike will only start if bars are fully turned to the right

I had this EXACT fault on my 2004 Reg V11 Le Mans.Remove the fuel tank and then look for the multiblock connector/s on the left hand side of the frame up by the headstock after removing plastic cover ( viewed when sitting on bike ) .One in particular carries a big chunk of the electrics including the starting/ignition circuit.Mine had been badly routed and were pulling apart when the bars were turned one way but not the other.I took each joint apart and checked that everything was clean and far more importantly rerouted to put slack into them and ensure that they were not taught.No further problems whatsoever after doing this and i would lay money that this is exactly where your problem lies.No messing around, bite the bullet and take the tank off. You will immediately see what i am referring to.This is the thread from the V11 site when it happened to me.http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17136&hl=Cheers Darryl

DazGuzzi2014-09-26 19:22:06

Yep , been there !

thanks for the info…had a guy looking at the bike before i got on here…as per usual bike only started when bars were turned to the right …as you sit on it
he straight away said it was the wiring from the kill switch down to the block connector as this was the only wireing he could see that moved as the bars were turned…went to late to finish tonight so he is comeing back tomorrow evening…will post the outcome here tomorrow night
will show him this thread as its been a great help so far

The start with the bars at full lock is usually caused by the bullet connectors that sit under the tank and are wired to the clutch microswitch,
http://www.thisoldtractor.com/guzzi007/schematics/1999_V11_sport.gif Item (59) just above the clutch switch item (17)

It could also be a wire broken below the insulation where the wires continually flex with the bars, this usually happens on a high mileage bike.
Copper work hardens and becomes brittle, make sure the wires flex gently over several inches, not at just one spot.
Pull hard on each wire in turn, if the copper is broken the insulation will stretch.