V11 torque arm bushes

The rubbers in my torque arm have perished. Anyone managed to source aftermarket bushes? Thanks.

Hi Cabernet,
I feel your pain…


I have the same issue so will be v. interested if you find a solution.

Rgds. Noel

Watch for the next installment.

Good tutorial!!! :wink:
Let me know if you are procuring replacement rubbers, as I’ll have 2 as well!!!
It was flagged as an ‘advisory’ on the annual test some years ago but passed every year since! I know I should replace them.
Rgds. Noel :sunglasses:

Torque arm shot blasted and ready for a re-spray. Bushes showed up. Had a MOQ from the manufacturer of 10off so 6off avaliable to sell on of which Noel has first dibs on two. More to follow in the week.

As mentioned, I had to buy 10off.
I wanted to prove the fit for myself before offering them on.
These bushes don’t have a lead on or chamfer like the OEM version.
Therefore I chose to fashion a small lead into the torque/reaction arm.
This can be done easily with a file or deburring blade/scrapper.

I have used one pair.
I am holding a second paiur back for me.
Noel has ordered a pair.
So I have 2 pairs going begging at £40 a pair.

Once they are gone I will release my source and part number.

A little Lillie gilding.

Well it is in.

The swing arm clevis is an light interference fit on the bushes in race and it is tight and blind in there.

To over come this I fettled up this alignment tool from a sacrificial bolt, effectively a home made podger.

A tap with a mallet soon knocked the inner bush in line with the clevis holes to allow the retaining bolt in. So glad I did not have the air box to contend with.

Job done!

Looking very smart!!!
Again, many thanks for sourcing the replacement bushes :smiley: and for your advice on the return spring.
Rgds. Noel