V1100 Sport - Paddock stand options

Hi there.
Looking for a rear Paddock stand for a 1998 V100 Sport injection.

I have asked one of the many purveyors if their offering will fit - given the bevel drive - and they don’t know… :unamused:

Please does anyone have experience and can advise on the best make / product?

Many thanks in anticipation


Abba stand fits my 1100 Sportie by locating interchangeable sockets on the swinging arm lock nuts. You may be better giving them a bell to discuss. It also fits my new V7 Stone with a Ducati set of sockets, however it’s more of a faff as the side stand needs to be up before rocking backwards and raising the rear wheel.

Thanks for the very quick reply!! c :sunglasses:

No worries. Might be awkward getting one down a chimney tho’…

I have long been warned about suspicious old men offering me presents in return for being “Good”…trouble is; I’m never Good… :wink:

I have an old Harris one with adjustable width cups that the swing arm rested on. It worked for my 1100 sport but only just got the wheel off the ground when full engaged.

Did the job though.

Thanks, it looks like there is a number of options, the Abba looks good but is quite expensive…

Yup - expensive… but…

I know, I know… :wink:

I use a Becker - technik stand from GermanyÂ

The one i have  is adjustable for height to manage the higher chassis on my Cagiva elefant - however you can have both wheels off the ground at the same time as well as remove the wheels and forks or swing arm the bike remains suspended its excellent and not so expensive - check out the video of this stand in action !!! - its exciting stuff - well if you have nothing else to think about.


However he does model specific stands - some more basic just for the simpler jobs - check out his websiteÂ


Hi, Anyone know from where I can get a genuine Guzzi stand for the V11?
Thanks, Â Noel

Stein-Dinse product No 400001001 129 euro