V1200 Sport digital display

Hi, have a 2012 V1200 sport for 3 yrs now. Over time improved fuelling by fitting cat bypass pipe, k&n filter and fuel booster kit. Recent oil leak found out to be the oil pressure switch. Only current issue is that the digital display next to the speedo dial has an intermittent problem of either not showing up, or disappearing after a few miles, or doing a matrix thing where the display inverts itself before self destructing and disappearing. Just wondering if anyone else seen this occurring? It’s just the display as the mileage count continues if the display is blank. Guessing a new console may be expensive so any thoughts appreciated. Ta. Col

Sadly no idea on the question.
May get more response if you move the post to the tech section.
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thanks Steve, I will do that if I can work out how.

Not sure if I can really help, except to say that display failures are a known problem and sometimes the console was replaced under warranty. I believe it is due to water getting in and pooling and there is a mod to put a couple of drain holes in the bottom, but I have no first hand knowledge of that, so maybe best to wait for others to comment.

I would investigate rather than leaving it as if it is the above it could well get worse.



Some dash display problems have been fixed by disconnecting the battery terminals and leaving the key “ON” overnight. Some car dash problems have responded to this, too.

You may find that it is condensation that has “aged” the circuit board and either needs a good clean or some components replacing. The problem is finding a company that can do this sort of work. I have has my rear light (Sport 1200) repaired (not as complicated though) with new LED elements by an electronics company in Tonbridge Kent.

As your bike will be out of warranty you will only have a couple of options open to you

My Stelvio did something similar ,was tracked down to a faulty plug lead