V35 caliper rebuild

I have just stripped my Imola rear caliper and found that the pistons have some rust spots. It looks like the front and rear brakes are both 32mm, but I can only find spares listed for the front. Does anyone know if both front and rear pistons are the same?
Keen to get parts on order so that I don’t miss the sunshine.
Cheers Pete

Front and back are same on my v35

You can get Teflon coated pistons for the P8 calipers fitted to the big block models. A quick search on ebay reveals a few people selling what looks to be the same thing for the small block calipers.

Thanks everyone, looks like a straight forward job then.

The rear calliper is now on and fitted with nice new pads. Just one small problem, I couldn’t get it to bleed. Turns out that the master cylinder piston is sticking. Another repair kit has been ordered and will hopefully be fitted by next weekend. Is there anything to look out for with the linked brakes?

The front one can be tricky to bleed for some. Either try reverse filling with a syringe from the caliper or one of those orange pipes with a split in the end from most car shops.If you have troubles bleeding, take the front caliper off and raise it up so the air naturally flows up hill to the caliper.

We’ll the good news is we are back on the road, after what I suppose are the typical classic bike trials and tribulations.
Long story short. New brake pads lead to a rebuilt caliper, then master cylinder, started bleeding then the return spring broke! Good job we have people like Gutsibits. At least bleeding was simple, the only trick being to turn the bars to get the reservoir level when I changed the front fluid. Oh yes and the £4.49 one man bleeding hose.
Oil and filter change next week ready for the big ride down to Sammy Millers on the 20th. Shame it’s the first weekend of the school holidays. Hope that the roads are not horrendous. Should be interesting though, first decent trip of the year and my son will be trying his “new” CB 450.
Cheers for all of the advice.