V35 - clutch centring my V35

I am just reassembling the clutch after inspecting it. I am concerened about centralising the flywheel with the clutch cover as there are no locating dowels. There is a cenralising tool mentioned in the manual, but as this appears to centralise the friction plate against the flywheel, I cannot see how it will cenralise the flywheel with the clutch cover.

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two or three 3mm allen keys will perfectly do

Thanks, but I haven’t a problem with aligning the friction plate, it is the flywheel/ring gear aligning with the clutch cover that is troublesome as it does not have locating dowels as a car clutch does. The clearance between the 6mm bolts and their holes mean it could eccentrically by 1mm which wouldn’t be acceptable.
Perhaps I could use a clock gauge before the final tightening?

You may try to fit the bolts fitted with small orings on them, to cancel the play.

I’m in no rush, have you seen the weather :rofl: I’ll wait 'til I can borrow a dial gauge.