V35 cylinders - are they all the same?

I have a V35 imola which is smoking slightly. I also have a spare V35 engine. As far as I can see, the only difference between the two is that the spare has large spark plugs and my current has small ones.
I was thinking of re-boring the ‘spare’ engine barrels so I can just swap them over on a slow day, they are both 5 fin barrels, but I wondered if anyone out there knows if there were different barrels between the various V35 models?

have you checked to see if they are steel liners, or Nigusil coating ?

As a newbie to Moto Guzzi, I’m not sure. I will check with my local engineering firm who have been very helpful in the past. I’ve mainly restored old British bikes in the past, this is my first ‘exotic’ so I’m learning as I go :grinning:
Thanks for the assistance, it’s appreciated.

They are not iron barrels so you can’t just ‘rebore’ to make them larger. You can if steel liners, and just need to rebore say 20 thou or something oversize, due to wear. If we want to increase the capacity, we usually have to buy larger size cylinder kits. If plated bores, reboring is pointless unless you can also find someone to replace the plating. Not sure where I would go in the UK for that. I’m assuming the rebore is because of wear? (oil smoke in exhaust)

The bores on the earlier small block engines were chrome plated according to Ian Falloon in his comprehensive book “The Moto Guzzi Story” The V35 Imola had Nicasil plated bores later supeceeded by the factory’s own Nigusil. So reboring would appear to be not an option. I have heard of the bores being reamed (or honed not sure which) and then re-plated…sounds expensive though.

I think these were only in big block engines, I had some in a V1000 Convert engine

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Langcourt Engineering can do Nikasil plating. My loop was about £400 to strip the chrome and replate.


Yes, it’s smoking more than I accept, but I’ve got another set of barrels that I’ve just taken to my local engineering firm, asking them to check the sizes and see if they are usable as a replacement.
Hopefulls this might sort my problem :wink:

I’m going to see what my spare engine is like, and if the bores are better that should keep me going for a while. When I win the lottery I can get them re-plated :laughing:

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Brilliant. Thanks for that info, I’ll check them out.

Perhaps would have been better to do a compression check first as oil burning could just be the valve seals


Damn, never thought of that! What a wally. I’ll give that a shot and see how it goes. Thanks for the idea, I’ve not had oil seals on valve stems for years and years.