V35 fuel tank cleaning

Hi All. Things have slowed down conciderably over the past couple of months though I have had wheels powder coated and fitted with new rubber :grinning:
Tank had nuts and a bolt put in and shaken then it took a good while to remove said nuts but especially the bolt!
Research and experimentation by a friend came up with another way to clean the tank. Dowels were drilled and shaped to fit the outlets plus another in the filler. Cleaned welding rods were inserted through the dowels and connected to a state of the art battery charger and the whole thing now fizzing away in my shed.
This may take some time due to the small surface area of the rods.
I shall let you know how I get on.


Is there a fluid in the tank whilst the welding rods are doing the business?

Yes Richard, Itโ€™s just water with washing soda to conduct it. Seems to be working but Iโ€™ll leave it for a couple of days.

I cleaned the inside of my Le Mans tank using electrolysis like this after the bike had stood for many years and was quite rusty inside, electrolysis works very well and my tank was much cleaner afterwards. A couple of tips if I may. 1 use flat bar or similar as the larger the area of the sacrificial anode the better it works, I tried round bar but itโ€™s much less successful than flat bar, 2 remove and clean the sacrificial anode frequently, it gets gummed up quickly and the the amperage drops and the process slows significantly, keep the anode clean (I wiped it clean then run a angle grinder over it to get back to bar metal) and keep an eye on the amperage, as soon as it drops pull the anode and clean it.

Cheers, Don.


Thanks for the advice, very usefull.

I have managed that in the filler but not for the carb feed pipes.