v35 Imola airbox

just bought the above bike. the full airbox system is in bits. would I be better off putting K&N s on or getting the original system fitting properly. if possible. and what jetting for K&Ns . ta very muchgrumpy12013-08-08 17:08:51

Most definitely go for K & N’s. The original airbox is a nightmare to get back in place, which is probably why it was in bits when you got the bike. I think they start with the airbox in the factory and build the bike around it.Tim Hicks is the man to advise on jetting, he wrote an article in Gambalunga around a year ago on this very subject. From memory the advice was to up the main jet by around 10%. Others will be able to advise in greater depth.

What I did was consult Tim and also ask Eurocarbs, the increase is 10-12% on standard with K&N type filters a heck of alot easier than the standard air box you also get a wee bit more oomph and all round pick up, easier starting and better fuel consumption. The standard air filter often collapses or gets clogged or as it is so difficult to get at left far too long.

The K&N’s cost alot more BUT they need servicing every 12000+ miles simple to get at easy to do.

K&Ns it is so. ta very much

if you struggle getting k&n the sb filters from gutsibits work very well and are less $$

What I did was get a small selection of larger main jets (in steps of ‘5’) and find out which work best, at the mo I’m currently on ‘135’ [VHB30C’s on Tonti 850] Main jets are not too much hassle to change without taking the carbs off’