V35 Imola speedo accuracy

Went through one of those road side your speed is signs at the weekend. Speedo said 60 kph. The sign said 30 mph. Not the 5/8ths ratio I was taught at school!
Is this normal or could I have the wrong speedo drive?

About normal for a ‘vague liar’ I reckon…

60Kph is 37 Mph (1 Kph = .62 Mph)Most of those road side signs only light up if you’re exceeding the speed limit, as a warning that you’re going too fast. Try going through it again at under 49 Kph (30 Mph) and see if it lights up!!

No some of those signs show under the speed limit as well. Maybe in a different colour (yellow not red). 7 mph over is rather a lot tho.

Thanks for the replies, that confirm my suspision of a very optimistic speedo. The problem with riding at 49 kph by the speedo is that the cars around are going faster and I’m getting in the way. Think I’ll use a buddy with a modern bike to calibrate my vague liar.

I have the same problem driving my Clio to the limit, but after I got caught last year, they're just gonna have to wait     PS (Edit): tho we've established yours overreads and by how much so an indicated 55 should be still within 30.  

Mike H2014-09-05 16:06:18

ive got a brand new old stock american speedo and drive gear on my v35 hybrid

its a larger sweep, ie max on display is 80, 29 on speedo is 30 on gps

v35 makes a good point.
Calibrating a speedo is easier with a GPS.
Best of luck

this is the one i have fitted to the v35


paid £65 brand new for mine from states… might be worth a cheaky offer…