V35 speedo drive

Can anyone tell me how the speedo drive connects to the front wheel to drive the cable?
A friend has a 750 Targa that looks like it uses a pin that locates through the tang to the wheel. My wheel doesn’t have this.
I will be ordering a new tang for my drive as mine’s buggered.

Waste of time, mate. Just weld/solder new tang, they go off quickly if any friction happens, or if you squeeze the spindle too much. I presume of course that your speedo looks very same as the one on the photo below:

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Now, there’s important thing, the inner piece of tube 4 needs to stay locked between a)wheel bearing inner race, and b)o/s leg. but it doesn’t go that far to touch the leg - there is a sleeve, short piece of tubing inbetween leg and speedo. And even more important in case of well used, tired speedos: the cast alloy part AND that inner part 4 are tight/press fit originally, but over the years they come loose. If this is a case with your speedo, you need to find a thin washer of spindle ID and OD just a tiny bit bigger than the steel part, just covering a bit of alloy. This, fitted inbetween sleeve and speedo, will prevent against speedo falling apart. Hope that helps!


Also, take a look:
A hub shape , inside ID of brake disc base, allows to engage a speedo “tang”
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Tang engaged
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Not-so-thin washer, but does the job, and prevents speedo from falling apart!
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Thanks, very helpful.

Look what’s up today:

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Missed it, bugger!