V35C points

Hi all,
I am nearing the end of putting a 1982 V35C on the road. I have replaced the points and condensers but I have no information on points gap or timing etc.the workshop manual I have only covers the electronic setup and I am having trouble locating any more info. Please can anyone help.
Long int’ tooth and short int’ leg.

just scroll down to the bottom of the page http://www.officina-moto-guzzi.it/archiviomoto/Manuali.htm

Hi Keith,
Thanks for that, I just wish the Italians would learn to speaka da english. It looks like I have got the points set at the wrong gap looking at the diagram.
Long int’ tooth and short int’ leg.

Try these for de eeenglish vershionhttp://www.guzzitek.org/gb/ma_us_uk/http://www.guzzitek.org/gb/ma_us_uk/pb/V35I2_V50M2_V65L_Atel(GB).pdf