V50 11 clutch replacement

I’ve a v50 11 that needs the clutch replacing how difficult is it ? Any advice would be appreciated

Well, it depends on your skills level. Haynes marks particular jobs with stars, where five star jobs are for skilled guys, one star - for not-so-clever ones. Can you describe yourself then? I will know how detailed guidance you would need:)
Here’s my tuto from V65, bit different clutch, but mostly the same, although pics described in my native language may not be so helpful …

Your clutch will be made by Pitteri&Violini I believe, while this one is “ap”, minor differences.

In general terms its a weekend job (at a steady pace) but you will need assistance when crabbing the frame, otherwise its pretty straightforward. As Adam has said it all depends on your skill level and confidence, a workshop manual helps


Generally not difficult just long winded.

Remove tank, carbs, cables, electrical connections, silencers & rear shocks. Support sump, unbolt frame sections and wheel top frame away. Remove swinging arm and rear wheel (I do this as a unit), remove gear change, support rear of gear box, remove lower frame rails and gearbox.

Replace clutch (ensuring that timing is good) and reassembly is reverse of dismantling.

It’s a long winded job but there’s nothing very difficult and you shouldn’t need any special tools.

I would like to think I’m about 3 to 4 on your scale