v50 11 tyre valves

I have noticed the valves do not stick through the rib in centre of the cast wheels. Only just enough room to fit dust cap. I guess this is because of the odd shape rim. So can I get tubes with longer valves?

Definitely not right . My mk3 , same rims I’m sure , has two half nuts on each valve that are locked together just short of tight on the rim . I was told that this is to allow a slight flex on the valve stem but stop any major movement of the tube.
Cheers .

Try letting them down then when the stem is completely loose, see if you can pull more of it out. Guess how I know! Someone could have messed up installation.

My Monza has been converted to tubeless which involved new self sealing valves being fitted which like yours are a lot shorter than standard. If you still have tubes then you have a problem and Mike`s suggestion is the way to go however if its been converted then under no circumstances must the valves be disturbed otherwise the seal may be lost.


My mk II is exactly the same. It seems to be the way with most inner tubes these days. I used to have to remove the locking nut before I could get the pump valve on. I use a screw on elbow when I’m putting air in these days.

This kind of thing;


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Some modern tubes seem to have very short stems on them. I have to ask my local shop to make sure they get the long ones when I have a tyre fitted.