v50 11

hello, anybody got any ideal of my problem. i have a 1981 v50,the front forks,are not in line with the mudguard, i loosen the clamps, straighten everything up,tighten up, push down on the front and it becomes out of line again,so the handle bars are not even.anyone,any thoughts ?

I would double check all the spacers, speedo drive etc are assembled correctly to begin with. Bear in mind that the spindle itself is actually a spacer, hence the two diameters of the spindle. Also check that both forks are inserted into the yokes the same amount.
Tighten the top clamp, but leave the bottom ones slack, pump the forks a few times, then tighten the bottom clamp. Do this without the mudguard fitted (so you can eliminate that as the possible problem)
You can find a parts diagram by using the menu on the left on this link
Mark Shelley2014-03-16 18:56:41

can you post a picture ?it could be twisted forks, odd fork legs, the wrong front mudguardor even a twisted yoke due to accident damage

Are you saying that when running the bike in a straight line, the bars are offset?

many thanks for all replies,yes the handle bars are off set,

can you post a few picturesmight give us a clueis it the correct mudgaurd for the bike, or is it one of those awfulc afe racer things ?

I am assuming here that both the wheel and mudguard are offset compared to the bars.This would suggest that something is bent, either one of the stanchions, or one yoke.

hello it seems i was judging all this by the front mudguard, which is not standard or straight, my problem is the handle bars are off set when riding in a straight line , any thoughts please, i have undone the the clamp bolt on the top yoke, but nothing seems to move.


To free off everything you would have to undo the stanchion clamp bolts on top and bottom yokes, and undo the central clamping bolt on the top yoke. This will also mean loosening off the top centre nut.

hello i do not think pictures will help at this time,i will try what Brian suggested first, and thanks to all

Could it be the bars that are bent?Has the bike always been like this since you owned it or has something happened to cause it?As mentioned above, loosen everything off and give the bars a good shake from side to side to get everything sitting in its natural position (which should be straight. Then tighten everything up.It might be an idea to put some support under the sump when doing this so the forks don’t come up through the yokes, when you give it a good shake, get it so the front wheel is just touching the ground.

Perhaps take the bike for an MOT and see what a professional tester has to say. Much more likely to get an accurate answer than with forum guesswork.