V50 2 Tyres

Time to replace my tyres. Front is cracked and rear is just worn. My current ones are Pirelli - 90/90-18 on the front and 110/80-18 on the rear

The book says 100/90-18 on the front and same at the rear which seems strange since the rear has always been a little fatter than the front.

My current ones were put on at Motocorsa about 6 years ago but I’m in Cornwall so need to deal with this locally.

What do others use? Any preferences /experiences


Im currently running Metzeller ME22s, 3.25 x 18" front and 3.50 x 18" rear. They are alot better than the Pirelli City Demons I had on before. They are sure footed in wet and dry and seem to be wearing pretty well. Once they are warmed up they have good grip in the dry, unlike the city demons that liked to step out when banked well over


Thanks for that

I just needed a personal reference or recommendation and this is ideal. Thanks again

Martin P

Seems others are of the same opinion.

You could try BT45’s.They work well on my lil’Breva and Mk111 Le Mans.