V50 Ampage of Wiring

The V50 has coughed into life this morning with the help of my brother in law as the state of the wiring had defeated me. We are going to replace all the wiring…any ampage recommended please? thanks

Dunno - what about standard automotive wiring conventions as a start. Me, personally I would err on the lardy size - in case I wanted to put more load on part of the circuit.
Obviously the battery and main circuit wires are larger diameter to take serious amps. Other than that don’t skimp on fuses or terminals / connectors (and especially the crimping tool) and certainly look at a tube of Dow Corning and good quality heat shrink for maintaining proof against moisture ingress.

I have been fortunate to “inherit”, cough cough, several rolls of silver soldered wiring (marine-ised) which is brilliant for resisting falling apart in monsoons and other nefarious weather conditions. If you can afford it…

Have a look at the wire tables on Vehicle Wiring Products site, accompanied by Amp ratings, that will give you a clue.

Thanks for the replies. I have used that website as a guide and ordered all the necessary wires…fingers crossed.

Out of interest… what have you chosen? 16.5 amp thin wall?

Just FYI, think I mostly used the 8A standard stuff ~ some bits in higher current ~ no probs so far. Even the new alternator wires (in the alternator) haven’t melted!

sorry for tardy reply…i have got a mixture of 27.5, 17.5, 8.75, all thinwall and something lower…cant remember…theyre all off the top of my head. i used the guide on the above mentioned website as it suggests uses for the different Amps.

Just by the way, I was quite surprised how thin the wiring on the Piaggio X10 seems to be, whether this is because it’s a type of thinwall stuff I don’t know, but even so the actual conductor area isn’t much either.