V50 and V11 parts - SOLD

Having a turn out in Derby, are any of these of any use to anyone ??

Gearbox v50 ii
Nevada airbox
Fork springs v50 ii
Twin carb choke body
Phbh28 fs carb completish
Phbh26 fs carb incomplete
Big block cylinder head protectors
V50 ii cdis and wiring loom
Headlight loom possibly v50
Oil light and ??? Wiring loom
Clutch cable 124cm
2 x speedo cables 91cm and 61cm
Complete v11 Rosso Mandello clutch - the exploding one !

Collection or I can post at cost, call me on 07842712398 if interested.


Hi William,

Just going through posts and noticed yours and just wondered whether you sold all the bits you have

Very sorry all gone now, not sure how to remove posting !!:frowning::frowning:

If in doubt, just update the post/thread with a comment stating: Now Sold. Thanks.