V50 Breather

Has anyone retro fitted a V65 type breather collector box to a V50? The existing air filter arrangement gets swamped when motorway driving and I’m getting fed up with driving slowly or cleaning the oil off the back wheel.

Not exactly,my V50 had been fitted with catch tank and pod filters when I bought it and spat oil out of the breather(only)when used hard.Modifying the catch tank oil return to ball type and running oil level halfway between max/min stopped the problem but I still ran breather outlet through hose to rear number plate as a precaution.

It’s good to get a local reply.
I found running with the oil level at just below the midway mark helps. Mine has original filter set up and the breather pipe is at the back of the gearbox. I’ll try extending the pipe to the no plate. I’ve also thought feeding the pipe into a small container.
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Despite having the OE air filter and breather on mine I used a LM catch tank for a couple of years when the rings were getting thin and before I replaced them. Worked fine.

If I fill mine beyond half way on the stick it always blows it off. It will find it’s own level.

I’ll have a look round for a LM tank.

I think all the early big block bikes have the same oil catch tank, if you look for a LM one it will be twice the price!

Have not been to any club nights yet but hope to soon.
Regards: Duncan

This might be a symptom of worn rings or bores?

Isn’t that what Butch said? :confused:

The bores are good and the rings are new. I’ve had this problem for some time and others have the same. At sustained motorway speeds it’s 6000rpm on a small block, too much for the existing original set up.
I’ll fit a tank to the existing pipe until I find a set up I can use.

Fair enough. I’ve had same problem on my 850 LM, once lost 2 litres on the M6 coming back from Thornhill camp! :astonished:

But had sneaking suspicion bores were “tired”. Didn’t like pulling 5th so had to keep resorting to 4th.

The breather system on the V50 is fair only. To cure this I fitted the much more efficient cyclonic air/oil separator from a 3 litre TDI Land Rover. It works perfectly and is cheap and small. https://rover.ebay.co.uk/rover/0/0/99?loc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fp%2F649391206%3Fiid%3D201949613595.
I fitted it between the pod filters and mounted off a gearbox bolt. It returns oil to the sump and engine breathers are easily fed into it with a little ingenuity. The clean air out is fed down under the bike.

I will investigate.

What oil level are you running? If mine is more than half way up the stick it will tend to disgorge.

Running half way between max and min. Above that it does make a mess. Half way it only comes out on long journeys. Usually an hour on the motorway at 70mph makes the mess. Hopefully the end of April will see a Norge. Then I can just worry about cam wear. :laughing: