V50 Carb Mounting

I am led to believe by the previous owner of my '79 V50 that when he bought brand new carbs he could only buy something that was two right hand parts rather than a left and a right. I can’t remember what he said at the time but assume he may have referred to the inlets both being for the right hand side carb. As you can see from the photos, the carbs both point in towards the middle of the frame. So my question is how can I get the carbs to either point directly towards the bike or in a fashion so they aren’t ‘crossing’ each other like they do now? My thought was that the inlets could be turned upside down perhaps which would then angle the carbs outwards…is that feasible…before I start pulling it apart and find out that it can’t? Additionally, what size air filters do I need and anyone got either recommendations as to what type and where to purchase them from please? I did wonder if velocity stacks, which I love the look of, would be suitable without having to mess about the programable ignition? If I am talking nonsense, remember this is all new to me ThanksThanks

The carbs them selves are usually left and right handed so the adjusters both point out the way. both carbs usually point inwards.

As per Don’s post the carbs turn in and the adjusters are on the outer edge. Fuel hoses attach one inner and one outer with the hoses running below the float bowls to enable gravity feed.
If the filters touch it may be that the carb mounting rubber needs to be pushed further along the metal inlet stub.
Looking very shiny btw
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I shall bear this all in mind when I get to sorting out the fueling side of things. Would these be the correct filters for these carbs…? http://www.gutsibits.co.uk/pr/TheShop/index.php?q=SIA00085&f=d&Model=0 …and what about these…? http://www.gutsibits.co.uk/pr/TheShop/index.php?q=ACA12003&f=d&Model=0&search=SEARCH it does only mention the Mk3 for some reason although the carbs are the same. Thanks for the compliment btw Steve. I am really proud of what has been acheived so far with a little bit of my own knowlege and plenty of help on this forum.

Mk III carbs ahould be 26mm, the Mk II are 24mm.

I have angled one of the filters upwards on my V50 using a piece of plastic waste pipe and 45 degree elbow. But I have the original VHST carbs rather than the PHBLs fitted to yours.
It would be good if you can let us know if the PHBLs work ok as the original carbs are not available.


Thanks for the clarification Brian.Thanks for that link…If you are able to post a photo I would be interested to see how that works please. I shall let you know when I get to that point in the build. Thanks

Maybe show us a pic from the left hand side of the bike. Is your left hand carb a right hand carb? Has it got ‘S’ stamped on it? Or ‘D’?

It’s very easy to sound knowledgeable when you have the workshop manual in front of you.

I wil check this out and post a pic…thanks.

Here are some photos taken this morning of each of the carbs with the only markings on them that I could see. This is their configuration as seen from the rider’s perspective… Incidentally, I have another set of these same carbs plus another set that are not the same model…can’t remember their code but might have started with a V***…are these from the Mk1 perhaps? Cheers.

Carbs look ok but I think one of your manifolds is too short, or too long…

I am not too familiar with that carb model. Do you have adjusters on the outside on the right hand carb? Both carb adjusters should face outwards.

Hmmm…will have to measure them up and look again next week to see if they are the same length.

It could be that the carb on the left hand side is actually a right sided one which I think is probably what the previous owner told me. Definately would like to straighten them out somehow. Any thoughts on velocity stacks?

Left side one is correct as the adjuster screws face to the outside. I can’t see from the photos if the right carb adjuster screws face in or out?s stands for sinister - left hand. Is the other one D for Destro (or something like that?)Don-Spada2013-11-16 18:28:03

Don’s right, you need to take the pics of the left hand carb from slightly further out, what we want to know is that you have a carb with S on the left and D on the right. Looks to me though like you may have two left hand carbs.

Sinistra (left) and destra (right). Therefore, if you’re left handed, you’re also a bit sinister…

The carb positioning is probably correct. Remember the left cylinder does sit slightly rearwards of the right one.

Looking at the carbs today they are slightly different in their design to the originals and I cannot see D or S stamped on them. The inlets and rubbers all look to be the same length so the difference in the cylinder position (which I didn’t know about incidentally) is probably the reason.

Refering back to first photo at top of thread, looks like the right carb has blanking plugs where screws should be, in other words it’s a leftie HTH PS: my inlet stubs aren’t exactly even either (T3/Convert etc. type) so makes one K&N filter look wonky, while the other is straight.
Mike H2013-11-23 21:00:34

On the close up of the carb above you can clearly see PHBL 24 BS. That S means left. The other carb should say BD and the idle adjusting screw should face outward.