V50 Clutch fault has returned

Hello all, I posted a while back just after I finished the resto of my V50 about the clutch not releasing. The fault seems to manifest itself after about 500 miles after the clutch has been removed and cleaned. The gears are super fine and after a while it gets very difficult to engage a gear. The clutch does not drag, so don`t think it is the plate sticking to the flywheel again, seems to be fine on the splines and everything is still clean. Clutch controls are adjusted correctly.
So, does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be happening here??
I have bought a new clutch plate and plan on fitting this, are peeps fitting the plate on the splines dry or with a bit of copper slip, or something else on them?

Cheers, a puzzled,

does the problem change with temperature?is it a problem engaging gears when stationary or when moving?

You say the clutch controls are correctly adjusted but for some reason the small blocks only allow the minimum of slack, 1-2 mm max.

if you have the gearbox out again taken out again look at the thrust bearing, the original was one needle roller and two shims, for the past ten + years I have been using one Nadella AX1022 needle roller and one shim Nadella CP1022, try your local bearing outlet, firms like ‘Simply Bearing’ sell these on line at prices from £1.88 to £100 +, these top end items are used for extreme temp jobs the ones at around £6 or so should be ok for a bike, but dont try the very cheap ones unless you like replacing the items often.many years ago a friend of mine took a Le-Mans 2 engine out due to clutch problems, the clutch was found to be fine but not so the thrust bearing!.

Thanks to all for the help, as it happens at all temperatures from cold to hot, the suggestion from Northwest may be the possible cause. I plan on removing the clutch again this weekend if possible, so will check all the above while out and recheck the settings as Ian suggests. Its been out that many times I think if I go into the garage and whistle it will probably jump out onto the bench on its own Will let you know how I get on.


Well I stripped it all down yesterday and had a good look at all the gearbox internals. Everything is ok in there, apart from the pedal return spring was on the wrong way, I suppose this could have been the problem as it would not let the pre selector return properly to its home position. I was very surprised at how little wear there was on the gearbox internals, they all look like new. So gearbox has been rebuit with new seals, springs etc and will try it later today, it certainly works better on the stand. New clutch plate and release bearing fit aswell while it was apart.
Hope it is ok now, as I really fancy selling to fund a Breva purchase, and I like my bikes to be right before moving them on.

MartinHmhirst1212014-07-20 11:44:39

Do check the free play on the lever at the back gearbox casing…2mm should do.