V50 Crash protection

This is going to be the start of a 1000 silly questions, but what crash bars work, not too interested in the big frame mounted bars and I cant find the nylon bungs we use on our bigger bikes, noticed that there seem to be knuckle duster things in alloy and tube, they worth having or is it just “bling”?


Bar anyone from riding it.

What are “nylon bungs” ?

I presume ‘knuckle duster things’ means rocker protection bars,

OK if it falls over and might be OK for a slow speed slide, but won’t take a huge amount of bashing I don’t think. Mostly useful for preventing your spark plug getting smashed. Unless it’s a big prang…

‘Big frame mounted bars’ are actually quite subtly tucked in for the V50 range. I’ve quite successfully got though several sets of these whilst performing my own stunts. Don’t knock them.