V50 Engine Breather

Can someone give me a clue as to the plumbing of the engine breather system on the Monza? There is nothing about it in the manuals I have.

Should be on pp53/54 of workshop manual. As I understand it, pipes from rocker covers go to Y-piece into the breather unit, pipe to atmosphere comes off carb sleeve unit, final pipe returns oil from breather unit to sump. The whole thing is a fiddle to fit when you change the air filter, most people throw away standard parts, put cone filters on individual carbs and fit a Le Mans 1 breather box (I have), much easier and works well. See also “Small Block Breather” thread.

There are some interesting musings on the small block breather system in this article written by the late great small block guru, Rod Yeoman’s (He was Morizzi on many forums) from Australia

Good link that, Don…interesting comments re wasted spark and possibility of backfires !

Cheers Don.
Great link.
The small block breather causes some consternation as it is very different to the big block engines.
Julian Frank posted some great ideas on his replacement breather when fitting pod filters.
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Rod was very knowledgeable on the small block Guzzi’s (and the big blocks for that matter). He came over to the UK a few years ago and stopped over with me one evening on his European tour

Many thanks; I think I understand what’s what now.