V50 front brake mod

Advice sought re decent master cylinder for the front brakes.
The dual link has previously been disconnected.
I don’t remember my previous V50 brakes being as crap as these …it had the dual link system, but it was 30 years ago !!

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Quickly: Counterintuitively, the smaller piston in master cylinder, the better feel and grip of the caliper. So, 15mm is far too much and you will have that 'wooden" feel, much pressure required and little force actually applied to the pads. Then you go down to 12-11mm and immediately you’re happy with both feel and performance. I found big Honda scooter FES250(as long as I remember) 11mm master, and it works much better, incomparably better than old Honda 500(CX? VT?) 15mm.

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I use a Aprilia RS125 handlebar master cylinder on my Monza and on previous V50/3s which instantly gets rid of the wooden feeling but I still retain the linked brakes


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Cheers Chris,is it much of a job to re link the brakes?

All depends how they were de-linked. There are two piston dia pumps: 1/2 in for single caliper, and 5/8 in for two calipers. So, footbrake in linked would be 5/8, but in case of standard carb Nevada it’s 1/2 foot, and 5/8 hand(two front discs). In case of V50, whether hand pump is hidden under the tank(MkII) or fitted to the steering bar(MkIII), it’s 1/2, and foot one is 5/8. That gives enough power, but if mixed up… better check, what you’ve got.

Which V50 is it


I have the answer…swap front cylinder to rear and visa versa …that’s if it hasn’t been done already.

Good idea, will check bore sizes.