V50 Fuel Gauge?

I am wondering, well ahead of actually getting the bike built and running, whether it is possible to retro fit some kind of system for measuring fuel left in the tank? My last few bikes have all had gauges and as I don’t ‘know’ this bike I am unsure what I can expect from a full tank.

The old style reserve works on these bikes, I forget the amount of fuel in the V50 BUT you can expect 50+ mpg mate so more than likely YOU will need some sort of comfort break before you need to refill the tank.

A 12 inch ruler will do it, just dip it into the tank and see where the fuel level is.I seems to remember getting a regular 150 miles to reserve on mine.
Brian UK2014-01-13 22:48:20

The Florida has a fuel gauge screwed into the petcock hole. I haven’t examined how it works because I am not using the Florida tank.
So, if you think this would be useful let me know.
Anyone in need of a Florida tank?

Are you sure that’s not a low fuel indicator?

I guess that is probably more what I require, something that tells me how soon I will have to start pushing!

Well with the V50 that’s easy. Make sure the fuel taps are still original, and have the brass tube inside the filter to provide the reserve. Carry a litre of petrol with you in a can and run it down to where you have to turn on the reserve and then see how far you get. When you do run out, note distance and put your extra litre in and go to filling station.Don’t do as I did and assume the reserve is working. Some previous owner had removed the tube from inside the tap.

Most older Guzzis have a fair amunt in reserve enough for 20+ miles, never pushed any of mine beyond 20 miles once reserve is hit.

Brass?  All the ones I've seen are plastic and the modern fuel (I think) makes them shrink so they leak. So yes has happened to me, assuming I've got a reserve level, but didn't work when I tried it.

its worth getting a light in the tank and checking whats at the bottom before you start any endurance testing…

my old t5 had no reserve as the was over an inch of sediment settled at the bottom of the tank, reserver tubes were blocked solid and no where near the petrol

I have new taps on mine with the plastic tubes inside…as my bike is not where I live and I can’t remember what they look like, how does the reserve work on these…tap/s turned to specific position. This might sound daft, but why is there two taps on these bikes? I seem to remember and old Z250 parallel twin I had only having one tap…probably one carb too…can’t remember.

You turn the 180 deg from on to reserve and it pics the lower pipe giving you the reserve

Two taps as the tank straddles the frame

So presumably the newer taps that I have still allow access to the reserve then?Thanks for pointing that out…felt a bit daft asking it makes me wonder how my old Z250 tank mounted then…the simplest things eh. Thanks

Yeah if it’s got 3 positions it should given you reserve

there are 2 taps as the tank on a Guzzi does have a deep well either side of the frame BUT they also feed both carbs and utilise a balance pipe. Probably not needed on the smaller ones BUt the larger bikes will baulk when fuel is low. use one tap then you have extra “reserve” when the fuel goes below the tank “ridge”

To be honest most people need a break before the fuel egts too low when on a long run. When in daily use unless you are in the wilds you will have fuel within 20 miles and reserve on most Guzzis is good for 40+ miles on a steady throttle.