V50 II – Swing arm bearing swap out.

I’ve got the nearside bearing running rough through water ingress I’d guess. I’ve pulled the seal and repacked with grease for now but it is clearly on borrowed time. Last time I did this job I put the empty gearbox casing in the oven to cook it up and then they just tapped out. As the bike is all built up and I’ve no great enthusiasm for pulling the gearbox I need an approach to work in situ this time. They’re a pop line 6202 2RS so quite small, and located in a blind housing. Looks like there is maybe a couple of mil out back of the inner that I could get some kind of puller into. I presume that if I can heat around the housing enough they shouldn’t need too much force. Does anyone know of a commercially available devise to facilitate something, or am I going to have to fashion my own puller? Thanks.

blind bearing puller, like a metal rawl plug and slide hammer combo is what you need

Guzzi V35’s way looks like the best, last year I picked up two small block Guzzis both had nearside s/arm bearing rusted in, the first bike was not too bad, a reasonable amount of heat and out it popped, but the second ?, what a job and a half that was, as with most of the nuts and bolts on that bike there was not a trace of grease anywhere, PlusGas was soaked into the area on and off for a few days but no movement, I then went down the heat route and I did apply lots of the stuff, but again no a bit of movement, I ended up taking the gearbox out and taking it to a friends garage where he got it out, but only after a lot of time, so much in fact he nearly gave up on it, anyhow try the heat way first, with the second bike the amount of time spent on removing as you say a very small bearing was crazy, good luck.

i warmed the casing from the rear with a small blow torch and got a friend banging the slide hammer and out they came!