V50 II Front Brake Master Cylinder

Hi can someone confirm that there should be two tiny holes that feed oil into the cylinder chamber from the reservoir.
One seems to be blocked by design and I’m reluctant to try and drill it out.

Many thanks

Sometimes one is blocked by the plunger (the bit that pushes in) - try that first - or a cotton bud

Thanks Brian, I’ve tried clearing it with a wooden tooth pick (not wanting to damage anything) but no joy, Starting to suspect there is only one hole that feeds oil in from the reservoir and the one highlighted is not actually a hole.
If so, it still leaves me with the problem of the Master Cylinder not getting charged with oil…

It’s not a big deal to press out the piston and then look inside, to spot two holes - or just one. To press it out, you need a bolt through hose end; to press it back, piece of tube with dia to fit inner size of the casting, but wall need to be thin enough to avoid pushing the piston’s end. And watch the seals, their order AND!!! direction, if put opposite way, the thing won’t work.

Cheers adamigo, I’m at this stage as I’ve already fitted a new master cylinder service kit, but just can’t seem to get the assembled cylinder to squirt a shot of fluid on the work bench, let alone when installed on the bike.
I’ve seen comments saying the silver washer is slightly dished and it’s position is important, but the one in the service kit is flat.
I’m just puzzled by the fact that it appears that one of the two holes seems to be blocked by design.
It would be truly wonderful if someone here has an old one kicking around, or has been here before and can confirm whether there should be two clear holes feeding oil into the piston chamber, or that one is a dummy “blocked” up hole by design.
Daren’t confess how many hours I’ve spent trying to get this front break to show some sign of working…

If this is the original under tank master cylinder that is operated by a cable from the front lever then you’re wasting your time. It is just plain and simply a lousy brake. You’ll do much better fitting a conventional set up from another bike.

I must still have my old one sitting around somewhere, though I’m not quite sure where at this time.

There certainly should be two holes, the larger one nearer the outlet allows fluid to flow from the reservoir into the brake circuit and is closed off as soon as you start to push the piston, the second smaller hole allows fluid behind the main seal to release air / fluid behind the main seal.
Make sure the piston is returning fully so the larger hole is open when the system is relaxed (no action on the lever)
Try a single strand of wire to clear the smaller hole taken from a bit of electrical wire.

Thanks for all the advice, I’ll try clearing out the tiny hole with a strand of fine wire.
Failing that I’ll look into replacing the brakes completely, just a bit reluctant to do that as given it’s “classic” status and only having 5k on the clock we were hoping to show it.

Hi, had your post in mind and finally I dug up the brake masters, here are the pics to confirm whether the hole exists or not:
Google Photos
Google Photos
Enjoy the job!