V50 II Luggage

My V50 II is slowly coming together after a good examination of the loom and switches to try and encourage reliability !!!
When I removed all the crappy insulation tape inside the right hand switch block I found there was only ONE strand of wire connected to the starter switch, glad I found that before, hopefully, heading off to Spain later in the year. Also it was quite an experience getting the switch rocker and spring back in after soldering the cable correctly !!!

Travelling to Spain brings me to the point of this thread.
Gutsibits can supply a pannier frame set and boxes from Hepco & Becker but has anyone fitted any other make ?
The photo of the frames fitted to a V50 II show them pushed back quite a way and also kicked up at the back which looks a bit awkward.
I would appreciate if anyone has a photo of a V50 II with a set of H&B fitted if I could get a copy.

I can only say that I have only ever used soft throwover panniers on mine. In period Swagmans are best if you can find them. Everything else then either went on the universal fitment rack or the tank bag.

I’m just in the process of making some frames to attach the panniers from my loop to my slightly modified Spada.
I was going to weld some flat strip together, which is what the loop came with, but now it’s “made” in cardboard, it looks like it will lend itself better to a one-piece laser cut shape. I have downloaded some free CAD software and can hopefully create a DXF file to send to a local place to cut them.

Why not have a go yourself?


Good plan RR, but I think you may want to add a brace between bottom right and top left, or possibly along the line of the shock? Unless of course you use a heavy section of flat but that would not help with the bike’s overall weight.

Tube is stronger for the weight but harder to joint at the corners and to attach fixing to.

I look forward to the photos!

The lower and rear parts replicate the brackets on the loop, but adjusted to suit the fixings available on the Tonti frame. On the loop, the top section is part of the the rack, but I don’t have one on this bike.
I may add a piece at the front, but I don’t think it’s necessary for strength as both fixings are joined together by some Italian motorcycle!
The bottom is the footrest and top is shock mount, exactly as the loop. I’ll get a photo of those brackets but it’s basically an L-shape.

This is a Sigma frame on my Spada. It attaches to the rear mudguard mount on the end of the frame rails, the shock bolts, the pillion pegs and has a loop arond the back just below the number plate.

Stornello project new tank by Don West, on Flickr

You could order a set of Craven Panniers and frames
period and in keeping with the motorcycle