V50 II swing arm bearings

Could someone please remind me on the specific details for these please, I know they are a pop line size but can’t quite recollect. I’d rather go direct to a bearing factors as I suspect they’ll be very nearly 10 a penny (and old money at that) there.

I’m thinking 6203 2RS but I might have dreamt it.



look at ‘NON OEM PARTS LIST’ roundabout 17/10/14 and there is a bearing list there, under 1988 Bearing List

Nice one - 6202 2RS

So I was close, but no cigar.


the bearing market is a bit of a jungle out there, for example the front wheel bearing for my 850T3 go in price from £2.50 up to around a tenner, there are more costly ones but they are for high or low temp work, swinging arm bearing dont need replacing very often so last time I went for the ones around a tenner, I use either a online company called ‘Simply Bearing’ or a local bearing outlet,
I had to use lots of heat to remove my V65 ones a year or so ago, bit off a pig job.

Ooh - I was going to go with some £1.75 jobbies, figured these bearings don’t really do much at all. Last time I did them I had the gearbox out and chucked the case in the oven whilst Mrs B was out. They just tapped out on the kitchen table. This time will be in situ.

swings and roundabouts, put in the ‘around a tenner’ ones and they will not be needed to be replaces for years and years and years, put in cheaper ones and maybe in 5-6 years they will be in need of replacement, depends I suppose if you are intent on keeping the bike a fair while or not,.

Point taken. I’ve had the bike since new (1980). As I’ve said somewhere else I think, I did sell the bike to a girl friend and then had to marry her to get it back. The plan is ultimately to be buried on it, upright in the back of my Previa. This will only be the second set I’ve had to fit, and I think in both cases the failure has been due to water ingress.