V50 II - who's on first?

Took the Pearl out for a test ride on Saturday morning. Seemed OK on the driveway, but once underway whenever I had to pull up I couldn’t find first at the bottom of the box, not assisted by a non functioning neutral light at the moment. So I was having to pull away in second.

Guess I’ll be checking my linkages yet again, but does this sound like a tweak of the eccentric adjuster on the return spring might sort it?

Is this the same recently repaired, twice, gearbox I would have thought the cam would have been set to its neutral position when the box was stripped down. Are you sure the gear lever is not hitting the exhaust thus not allowing full travel or has the clutch adjustment slipped. The eccentric cam only adjusts spring pressure to bias it up or down.
Makes me glad I found another gearbox, mind you its not arrived yet :unamused:


Yes - the twice removed twice looked over, twice replaced gearbox. I will be checking most carefully the linkages and throws before we go around again.

I’m not so familiar with the small-block gearbox but although my loop seemed OK when I tried it static, it didn’t work so well on first test ride. It’s all fine now after a bit of adjustment but there was only a very small sweet spot for the adjuster between not returning reliably after up shifts or down shifts. I think it would be worth a try before anything more drastic.