V50 Kick Start...Possible?

I am wondering what would be needed…if it’s possible…to add a kickstart to my 1979 V50 Mk2. Am I right in saying that it’s the NATO version that has a kickstart?If it’s possible, what’s involved, what parts are required…can it be used with an electric start still? Thanks

I have a NATO ex dutch army mil. You can use both /kick/electric…I also have the mil service/parts manual (in Dutch) but it has pictures/part nos. if thats any help…

thanks for the offer…I am sure there is someone on here who has added a kicker to their V50 who will be along to tell me.

Check the breakers/usual sourves for a military gearbox with the kickstart and swap it for the existing one.
Chap who had a Dutch military and a converted V50 said that the kickstart was more show than go but he liked it anyway,
Best of luck

Agree about the kickstart, last resort, bit close to the bike and a little too short to get a ‘meaty’ swing…

Cheers guys…might be more involved than I thought and probably not worth the hassle for an emergency situation. Might be better to upgrade my breakdown cover

Probably cheaper.

Yes, if you were only doing it for kicks it’s probably not worth it.

To be honest, the actual starting system on my V50 has never let me down. Had to use RAC recovery once when the clutch plate rivets sheared giving no drive. (That’s something worth checking if you are putting a bike together).

Heck a V50 is fairly easy to push start and for a Cafe racer certainly more de riguer …that said the starter rarely fails , the start relay is worth making sure you KNOW where it is and carry a spare , even then it is very easy to hot wire the starter.

I’ve always wanted to modify a 750 for a Nato kickstarter. I even went to lengths to source the mechanism. Eventually I couldn’t get the parts I wanted and gave up.Never really determined if it’s a possibility. It would be an interesting modification.

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