V50 maintenance

Hello All,
I have recently bought a rather nice little V50 Mk2.
I am hoping someone would be able to help with explaining the simple task of setting the valve clearances and which engine oil to use.

Remove the plugs and plug caps. Remove the rocker covers – and with care you should be able to reuse the gaskets. Remove the alternator cover and put a hex key in the central bolt exposed therein. Turn the engine CW as you look at that bolt. Watch the valves on the pot you will do first until the piston is coming up on compression. Stick a screwdriver in the plug hole and continue to turn the motor slowly until the piston hits TDC. Clearances should be .004” inlet and .006” exhaust. Adjust as required. Do the other side. Reverse the dismantling procedure.

Any motor oil around 10/40 to 20/50 with a decent ZDDP content should do. Change every 2k miles. The small block is blessed with an external assessable oil filter, I swap that out every second oil change but release and drain it on the alternate change. I have a view that dropping the pan to clean the internal mesh screen every so often is a complete waste of time.

BTW - The V50 is the best bike that money can buy. Enjoy.

Oh yeah - and go and introduce yourself in the appropriate section …

What 'e said above.
I would also do your gearbox and bevel box every time you do the oil filter and change the spark plugs.
As the only small block I have owned is my 750 Breva I am happy to be corrected on that.
V50’s are very popular in the club so any local section will be helpful as well as fun.

Thank you very much for that concise succinct and no nonsense explanation and further suggestions.
I do always change all the oils on my bikes, comes of owning a Ural I suppose.
Great stuff.

Small block bevel boxes don’t contain much oil, and run quite hot so use 85W-140 gear oil if you can find it. A bit of molyslip too.
From memory, the gearbox uses 90 gear oil.
If you search on line, you’ll probably find a manual to download. The parts books are available on Stein Dinse and Teo Lamers for free.