V50 Mk 11 1980 starting problems

Sometimes when I start my guzzi there is no response. I have to rock it in gear and it will start. Any suggestions would be grateful received

Uh-oh. No-one needs a starting problem ):

Tell us a bit more Genie, so we can better help? The better you can describe what is, and what isn’t happening, the better people can home in on your problem, rather than offer ‘general’ advice, some of which might not be at all relevant.

So: pressing the starter button results in the starter motor turning happily, just doesn’t fire? Or… something else? I mean, if you were pressing the button and nothing happens, until you “rock the bike”, I’d suggest you start by checking that the battery connections (and those to the starter motor) are clean and ‘tight’. But if the starter is turning strong and healthy, yet not firing until you “rock the bike in gear” I’d be looking elsewhere - does the V50II have a sidestand cut-out switch? I don’t know, but someone surely will! Good luck!

Hi Barry,

Thanks for reply. I have just cleaned the connectors and battery terminals. It is electric start, when I press the button most of the time it turns over quite happily no issues. The odd occasion when I press the button nothing happens at all. I then have to put it in gear and rock it a few times then it will start.

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Hi Genie Do you hear a slight click from the side panel area? It sounds like it is probably the click no crank problem, a well known problem on older Guzzi’s
The cure is to run a new live feed from the battery to the centre terminal on the starter relay. I’m not familar with the wiring of a V50, mine is a Spada. I used a permanent live from the fuse box (fused side) and ran a new wire to the centre terminal of the starter relay. Pictured here
Relay wiring mod2 by Don West, on Flickr

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Hi Don, I think I have heard a click now you mention before. Not sure if I hear it every time. I had a Newtronic electronic ignition fitted as the old one packed up and I don’t know if it is a coincidence but after this was fitted this is when the issue started. I have been googling the problem and as you can imagine lots of thing from starter motor to solenoid. I wondered how you would know which one it is. I will try what you said. I guess it will be trying different things to eliminate and hopefully get to the problem.

Thank you☺️

The problem is generally due to resistance in the various connections in the loom causing a loss of power, maybe something was disturbed when the new unit was fitted.
A simple test of the starter is to run a temporary wire from the spade connector on top of the solenoid to the +ve terminal on the battery, when you touch it on the battery, the starter should spin and engage.

The connectors were all cleaned today so hopefully this may have sorted it, time will tell I guess. If it happens again I will try the test you suggested to see if it is the starter motor. Thank you Don for the advice and suggestions, much appreciated :+1:

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