V50 mk 11 front brake manifold

I need a service kit or a replacement front brake manifild for my mk11 V50. I would appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction for these parts.
Many thanks

I am not that familiar with the small block, but what do you meanby the manifold? I thought it had a master cylinder under the front of the tank (cable operated from the lever) and caliper on the disc.
Gutsibits would be the best for any spares.
A good improvement is to ditch the current master cylinder and cable arrangement and to fit a master cylinder lever on the handlebars. I know Cyclobutch has recently done this for one of his mates and would be able to advise on the best size of master cylinder to use.

Gutsibits have a service kit so thanks for the help.

Yes the OE cable/hydraulic setup on the mk II is notoriously awful. Personally I don’t think it is just down to the cable aspect, or the condition of the master cylinder either. I think that the master cylinder is just plain wrong in this arrangement. These brakes were no good even when they were new.

An all hydraulic set-up will be better. On mine I’m using one from a big twin. The piston is too big really which means the feel is a bit wooden, but it’s OK (as in - a great improvement). On my pals we used a (free to me) Nissen that I presume would have been for a double disc, and possibly quad piston calipers. But that’s even better than mine.

Remember, the main brake on these bikes is the foot pedal that operates the rear and one of the front discs, that should cover most of your needs in daily riding.

I did replace with a service kit but was dissappointed with the result, so much so that I have done the same and retro fitted a bar mounted reservoir/lever doing away with the OE set up. I used a Honda 125 scooter off ebay (£18 incl postage) off ebay. Straight forward fit and bleed, even the mirror fits and the set up in black matching the clutch, sorted.

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Best way forward I would say. I don’t know why they used a complicated system like that.