V50 Mk2 pickup wiring and stuff...

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Well I believe I have set them to the same 0.2 mm air gap but am getting a misfire on the right hand pot. If I can get it to run through this it is quite smooth in the upper rpm. I am going to check v/vs again, look at the carb on that pot and then recheck the gap. I believe that it is possible to run the machine without the alternator stator and rotor and may go this route. I take your point that the gaps have to be exactly the same. I take it the air gap is not critical and will stick with 0.2mm meantime.

The air gap determines at what speeds the ignition goes up the advance curve, so would have some effect, though I don’t see that can really be so critical. But this is why you want the gaps the same for each side. In short, with a different gap you would have the timing right at no advance and then again up the top end at full advance, but the two sides would be on different parts of the curve through the transition. I believe it is this which causes the infamous small block flat spot around 2.5 - 3k rpm. This wouldn’t/shouldn’t cause a misfire though.

Yeah running with the alternator out whilst setting this should be fine - as long as the battery is well charged of course.

swap the Bosch ignitor boxes round and see if the miss fire moves sides.

had one duff box on my v35 early on, ditto swap coils roundÂ

Has anyone come up with an accurate method of lining up the keyway slot and the pickup centre mark? I made up a plastic bottle over-sleeve and on checking the gap just now realised one pick up did not seem to be aligned properly as i remembered from yesterday. The pick ups are tight so can’t image the man cave ghost crept in overnight and moved it. The over-sleeve had pulled apart slightly.

It is a fiddlesome procedure, handicapped by the fact the crankshaft is in the way!
Guzzi make a tool for this purpose: #19928000. Any good?

Have painted the timing marks in fine Humbrol white, and stripped down the right hand carb and  inspected / replaced as required.
Battery on charge to try the running timing check with a strobe tomorrow without generator fitted.Â

no i had a mare with my v35’s timing, right hand pot was always a fraction over advanced.

whats the sensor wiring like, mine had disintegrating insulation and made the miss fire worse, cut and soldered new wiring in close to sensors and shrink wrapped connections

so lucky the monza engine i fitted has the later cam mounted ignitionÂ

I have renovated the wiring as per the pics here http://www.motoguzziclub.co.uk/phpbbforum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=18852#p288449 and tested them. They pan out in the Ω-ish way. Interesting in the right hand advance being awkward. Its the right hand that is giving me grief. Common fault with this model sir. ?
Anyway not despairing yet, plenty to try and play with - some fine ideas being bandied about.

I had a misfire problem on one side which was only solved by cutting off the spade terminals inside the four way connector block and fitting new ones.

Great thread. I’m taking notes :nerd:
All the best