V50 Monza and V50 111 project bikes

I’ve been approached to sell these bikes. Both complete, matching numbers, V5 in my name, but both needing engine rebuilds and a lot of tlc. Can anyone give me an idea of what to ask for the pair?

A couple of photos wold be a big help.
Have a look on ebay to see what prices have been selling for using an advanced search. This shows completed listings.

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Big question, @Gren_Matta - especially when it comes to ‘projects’.

Any buyer will be looking from a perspective of: what am I going to have to lay out to get this project complete, built, running and legal?

As a seller, you (or the person you are acting for) might be better deciding on the price that they’d be happy with - then asking, and seeing if anyone will offer that

Having said that, Monzas are a popular project - conversely, their parts are scarce. Might be better offering them as two entirely different projects? Just a thought and hope it’s helpful.

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I’ll check completed listings, didn’t think of that. Tried to include pictures with my OP, 12 hours later they’re still ‘processing’, I’ll downsize them and try again.

Thanks for your reply. I wasn’t actively selling the bikes, just mentioned them on FB and was contacted by someone looking for a Guzzi project. Now I’m looking for some guidance on a reasonable price.

They look like pretty major rebuild projects, particularly the Monza and would need someone pretty enthusiastic to take them on. The V50 looks like it’s in better condition and is a mk 3 so slightly more desirable.
I would say around £1,200 for the pair, maybe up to £1.5k if the V50 is half decent. There is a lot of money to be spent to get them roadworthy. You said that they both need engine rebuilds & that is not cheap.

Thanks for your input. I was thinking in the same ball-park but it’s always good to get a second opinion.

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Are there more pictures of all the ‘bits’ and what is your location?