V50 Monza timing

Recently purchased a V50 Monza but running not 100%
Checked head torque and rocker clearances then set about checking points gaps and timing. Gaps were small and timing seemed out when using a strobe in the clutch housing window. Book says time is checked with strobe at from of machine with degree plate attached. Don’t get this. Anyway set time using static method as per the manual which I think is setting plate to the first advance mark before TDC. All done and points gaps checked and good - proceeded to check timing using strobe in Clutch housing window. At tick over, could just see mark on flywheel way down but when I set the strobe to the 10 degree first advance angle it was spot on. Is this right. The bike seems to be running 100% better. Haven’t reved it to see whether full advance appears.

7 or 10 deg at about 1200 rpm… dont forget to check the other cylinder…!