Hi i have bought a 82 V50 Mrk 3 which is a great bike as I am sure you will know. It has developed an issue at around 55-65 mph where it bogs down and has to be nursed through before charging on.

Should i be looking at coils breaking down or carb jetting?

Any help appreciated?


Has it always done this?
What have you done or changed that might have caused it?
Is it running standard filters or K & N type? If so it may need an increase in jet sizes, +10% on the main is quite normal.
Go through the usual bits, tappets, timing and carbs, it’s most likely to be one of them.

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When I had similar symptoms with my Monza (same engine) it turned out to be the condenser, which was a lot cheaper than coils thank goodness.

Thanks for the reply, its running standard and I have just bought it so not sure what the story is. I’ll try the things you have suggested. Sorry I had posted in the wrong place it wasn’t apparent to me where to post this thread…maybe as you say its because i am new to the forum and don’t have full access.

Regards, Catherine.

There is plenty of good info on the carbs on this page
I am thinking the Mark 3 has the round slide carbs fitted rather than the square ones on the earlier models.
It is usually the mark 2 V50’s that suffer from a bad flat spot due to the poor advance curve on the electronic ignition units.